"Whispers of wine", Athens

photos courtesy of Nikos Psychogios,
Dimitris Naoumis Architect Studies Office

"Whispers of wine" is the new easy chic place for athenians. Designed by Dimitris Naoumis, responsible for creating great sleak designed shops, bars and restaurants in Athens (see "Vibe" and "Mystique"), this gourmet spot, even with its rich wine list (200 selected wines from all over the world) has definatley more to offer than the average wine restaurant. The ambiance mixes eclectic worldwide references from Tibet (paintings have been created especially by Mike, a well known greek tattoo artist) to New York with its elegant vintages elements. All the furniture, objects and light elements have been designed by Naoumis himself exclusively for "Whispers of wine"'s interior. Now that these secrets are unveiled, just go glow there!